InsurePal Welcomes Bitcoin Pioneer Charlie Shrem as Advisor


InsurePal, a next generation, peer-to-peer insurance platform based on social proof endorsements, is successfully going ahead to revolutionize the insurance industry by blending blockchain technology with social proofing. To achieve its business development goals, InsurePal has welcomed Charlie Shrem on board as a business development advisor, who has joined the company just before the end of 2017.

Blockchain-based social proof platform to disrupt $7 trillion insurance industry

InsurePal disrupts the industry by introducing social proofing to reduce costs and eliminate redundant entities from the insurance pool.  The video here explains how the platform works. InsurePal integrates social proof as peer-to-peer endorsements backed up by a financial commitment. The endorser, stepping up as a financial guarantor for someone, uses their own diligence when giving the guarantee at the risk of losing their investment. Such endorsements make InsurePal ecosystem less risky.  Have a look at their car insurance model.

At InsurePal, It’s all about dedicated team, industry experience and strategic partnerships

InsurePal aims to merge blockchain insurance with social proofing mechanism in order to cut costs and deliver a positive societal effect. The company is the change initiator in the traditional insurance industry. To harness the challenges and keep the development of platform running in the envisioned direction, it is critically important to deploy a team having visionaries and individuals who possess specialized, pioneering knowledge and high-caliber insights from a range of areas.

The InsurePal team consists of founders who have more than 15 years of experience. The dedicated experts are well-known in the industry and have contributed their efforts to make a partnership with industry principals and established blockchain setups like Mattereum and Hive. Meet the team in this video. Peter M. Moricz, the founder and CEO at, is also going to enter a strategic partnership with InsurePal.

Charlie Shrem Joins as Advisor

Charlie Shrem is a Bitcoin pioneer, a digital currency trader, a social economist and crypto-insider. Advising over dozens of digital currency businesses, leading numerous launches, and partnerships between crypto and non-crypto entities before, Shrem brings a treasure of knowledge to InsurePal. The company believes that Charlie Shrem’s rich entrepreneurship journey in managing both crypto and non-crypto businesses will be a huge source of guidance to develop the InsurePal social proof platform for mass adoption.

Shrem stated that he found InsurePal holding a similar objective like his Crypto IQ, a media and advisory business backed by a team of Wall Street veterans. Both these entities are passionate to simplify the crypto world and form cryptocurrency economy by ensuring its wider acceptance, especially for new insurance services.

As Shrem says,

“I’m excited to join the advisory team on this project. InsurePal is a very interesting concept, and I like to get involved in blockchain projects that are not finance-related. I believe we can be the bridge between crypto and non-crypto insurance, which will be a very interesting thing”.

The Crowdsale is Coming After a Sold-out Pre-sale

With industry big names on the team, InsurePal leads the way to a disrupted insurance industry via social proofing on blockchain technology. The sold-out presale, achieving 70% of IPL tokens, is officially closed now.

Now you can contribute to developing the platform by participating in its public token sale, starting from January 16, 2018. To know more about the public token sale, please visit InsurePal official website or access its Whitepaper and Lightpaper.

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